We provide customized services in several different service areas. We provide customized services for domestic and international trade for commodities, maritime shipping services, new product testing, and safety. USDA approved CMG7 product cleaner/degreaser, with two levels, multipurpose and industrial. Both has been approved by the USDA, in addition this also includes CMG7 glass cleaner. This approval comes as a bio-based formula, using solely multiple agri-renewable plant compounds as the foundation for the bio-based USDA endorsement. These products have no petroleum distillates and no VOC’s, which sets CMG7 apart from other cleaners historically used in the past. CMG7 is approved for purchases under the Federal Purchase Program and to Federal Government Agencies. The link is provided. https://biopreferred.gov/BioPreferred/faces/catalog/Catalog.xhtml Glass Cleaner link: https://www.biopreferred.gov/BioPreferred/faces/catalog/Catalog.xhtml